Selkäliitto, The Finnish Spinal Health Association, is a nonprofit organisation established in 1988. It is a nationwide health organisation. The Finnish Spinal Health Association encourages people to take care of their spine. Back pain is a major health issue. About 80 per cent of adults will suffer back pain at some point in their lives, back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work.

Goals and activities

The Finnish Spinal Health Association aims to raise awareness, prevent spinal diseases, promote spinal health and issues important to people suffering from spinal disorders. The activities include providing information and advice to all people affected by back and neck pain as well as third-sector activities to its member associations (support, training and communications services).

Selkä  Online service that contains evidence-based information about spinal health and tips for self-care
Hyvä Selkä: Magazine for better spinal health for members (membership benefit), distributed also to health care institutions and medical clinics
Guides: Guides and handbooks for back and neck self-care
Campaigns: World Spine Day and Selkäviikko (National Back Care Week) in October

We are also active in the social media:
Facebook: Selkäliitto and Selkäkanava
Twitter: @Selkaliitto
Instragram: @selkakanava
Youtube: Jumppakissa

Values and funding

The values of The Finnish Spinal Health Association are responsibility, equality and participation. The activities of The Finnish Spinal Health Association are funded by The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) from the gaming revenue of Veikkaus Oy. Otherwise, we finance our operations through membership fees and other fund-raising income. We accept donations and wills.

Member associations

The Finnish Spinal Health Association has 30 member associations across Finland. The local associations offer exercise groups, recreational activities and peer groups to support and ease the everyday life of people with back problems.

Contact details and member fees of the local associations  (in Finnish)
Become a member (in Finnish)
Membership benefits (in Finnish)

Additional information (in Finnish)